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2013 Book Sale Proceeds Contest

November 18th, 2013 by John Jackson


Thanks to you, we made $500 from our Used Book Sale in early November. So how should we spend it? What should we buy? We are leaving that up to you!

From November 18 through December 6, we are accepting your ideas using our online form. Submissions will then be made anonymous and voted on by library staff. The person who submits the winning submission will get a $25 gift certificate to In-N-Out Burger. Submit as many ideas as you like!

Be creative. What would you like to see in the library? What do you think would be most helpful to other students and faculty? What can we add to improve your experience of using the library? If you can come up with a $500 plan, we’re willing to try it!

Contest Rules:

1. Only Whittier students, faculty, and staff are eligible.
2. You must include your Whittier College student/staff email address to be eligible.
3. Entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM on December 6, 2013.
4. Use of proceeds from the Book Sale is ultimately at the discretion of the Library Director.

Link to Online Submission Form

(image source: krissen on flickr, CC BY-NC-ND)

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13 responses about “2013 Book Sale Proceeds Contest”

  1. Julie Collins-Dogrul said:

    I would buy an extra copy of a book on reserve that is checked out the most by students. Or an extra copy of a book in the stacks that is most commonly checked out.

  2. Diana Solis said:

    I think we should get more phone chargers, or have a tables throughout the library that have a charging dock station where you can charge your laptop or phones with chargers there available.People would just plug their phones in and they can sit and keep an eye out on them at the dock.

  3. Colleen Perez said:

    I think we should invest the money in getting another laptop for library use. Although there are several computers available in the library, there is times when all desktops are being used. With another computer at hand there is one less person waiting to use the library resource.

  4. Sean Chatmon said:

    I believe that the best thing to do with the 500 dollars would be to save it until the next book sale, hopefully then you will 1000 dollars to spend on fixing all the televisions and for any issues with computers or printers.

  5. Antwon Chatmon said:

    My thoughts are similar to one mentioned above, but I believe that this money should be used to buy phone and laptop chargers that can be rented out to students for a couple hours at a time. I feel this is safer than having a dock or table full of chargers and that if any damage is done the individuals would be held more responsible. It can be rented out just like headphones and other devices that the library allows us to temporarily borrow while in the library.

  6. Esther Leon said:

    I think having a coffee station in the library would be awesome. After all, what better place to stay long hours studying than the library? The money could be used for the machine (maybe a Keurig for single cups) and any left could go toward buying the actual coffee, cups, etc. In the office I work, someone puts out the single-cup coffee flavors for 25ยข each. Maybe this kind of set up could be made available to library-goers.

  7. justin uribe said:

    We can do the self serving thing of buying an extra computer, Tv, or special phone charger that will become obsolete in a year. But rather, I think we can use this opportunity to show our appreciation and gratitude to a wounded service man or woman for their great sacrifice. We are a private university, but we are still members of this community, and i’d hate for us to be perceived as spoiled young people because many of us do not shod that privlege. $500 could be donated to our local wound warriors chapter, with the intent of aiding a local family that is financially struggling during this season of giving. Lets take a stand to support our fellow countrymen.

  8. marielena sosa said:

    Keep saving until you’ve reached enough to provide a field trip for a school (either elementary, middle, or high school) from a low-income community to visit the campus. Not only would you be generously going out of your way to welcome the students but you would be opening their eyes to the possibility of attending college and allowing them to see beyond their scope in life. A liberal college/education should be equally accessible to all.

  9. Sabrina Viramontes said:

    I am not sure how much it costs but maybe save up until there is enough money to buy access to more journal article databases because the ones we have access to are very limited.

  10. Alfredo Penaloza said:

    The money should be spent on books that students seem to use a lot. Maybe the library could save the money in order to increase the size of the library itself. The library gets to cramped at times and becomes hard to study.

  11. Erica Houston said:

    We can use the money to buy more supplies through out the library. Maybe more library chairs, paper for the printers, or even something as small as better decorum for the library.

  12. Josh Kim said:

    1. Should move that huge historical printer thing that’s in the way and put it somewhere else and replace it by buying a plastic Christmas tree. Or just buy a tree and decor for the first floor.
    2. Use the money to buy healthy food for students during finals week instead of using the library’s budget for that. Students will know that the money is being used for them and it makes them (me) heppy heppy happy.

  13. Faith Govan said:

    I know I am too late for the contest but I think it would be cool to get some interactive language learning programs. Not Rosetta Stone because they are way too expensive…but some kind of program like it. Then let the students vote on which languages to include.

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