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Finals Week – Spring 2015

May 5th, 2015 by John Jackson


It’s Spring Finals and you know what that means, Poets… Free coffee and food in Wardman Library! Just like the finals of years past, we will provide food, coffee, and stress-relieving activities throughout Finals Week. There will be coloring books, puzzles, and board games set up on the first floor (this year, we’ve added a Twister Board! Keep it clean, ya’ll). Plus, we have free postcards that you can send home to let your parents (or others) know that you’re doing OK. Best of all,  we will pay the postage and mail it for you! 

Oh, and just so you know: some time around midnight each evening there will be a mandatory 5-minute “get up and stretch” session (aka dance party). Consider yourself warned. =)

Wed., Thu., Fri., and Mon. @ 8:00 am: free coffee

Wed., Thu., Fri. @ 7:00 pm (-ish): free “brain food” (healthy beverages and snacks)

Wed. and Thu. @ 11:30 pm: free coffee, tea, and cocoa

Lastly, we want to give special thanks to the ASWC for providing fruit and beverage services throughout the week. Thanks, ASWC!

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