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Librarian Joe Dmohowski to Speak about Nixon: Sep. 18 at the Whittier Museum

September 9th, 2014 by John Jackson

Nixon on the football team

Librarian Joe Dmohowski will be speaking at the Whittier Museum on September 18 at 7:00 pm about “Nixon at Whittier College: The Education of a Leader.” The event is open to all current and interested members of the Whittier Historical Society. Joe is a new board member for the Society and a long-time member of the Wardman Library¬†family, not to mention an expert an all things Nixon. We’re looking forward to it, Joe!

Here is the description of the event from The Whittier Museum Gazette:

Joe Dmohowski will examine Richard Nixon’s memorable career at Whittier College during the Great Depression years, 1930-34. How did a shy and unassuming 17-year-old Quaker evolve into a “big man on campus” and political leader? In his first semester, he became co-founder and the first president of a men’s student society, the Orthogonians. Nixon was not athletically gifted, but joined Poet athletic teams throughout his college career. His varsity football coach, “Chief” Newman, would become one of this most significant influences. Success on the college debate team and in theatrical productions would also figure prominently. A selection of archival photographs from the era will accompany the talk. Please join us for this special event to learn more about Richard Nixon’s college years and to take part in our annual member meeting.

The Whittier Museum is located at 6755 Newlin Avenue. For more information, call 562-945-3871.

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