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6,000 Titles Added to Our eBook Collection

February 25th, 2014 by John Jackson


From librarian Mike Garabedian: We here at Wardman Library just added the largest single update to our e-book collection since we started our e-book subscription last year.

This latest update comprises nearly 6,000 e-books, many published within the last three years by prominent academic presses (e.g., MIT, NYU, the State University of New York, and the University of North Carolina Presses, to name only a few). As with the other e-books in our collection, the new titles will be available to an unlimited amount of simultaneous users (i.e., they’re never ‘checked out’); and amazingly/helpfully, a full-text search using the EBSCO e-book platform will look at every word on every page of every e-book in the collection, which now comprises nearly 130,000 titles.

In addition to helping to facilitate these acquisitions, librarian Nick Velkavrh has done the hard work of getting the records for the new titles into the Library catalog. These records link to the e-books in the EBSCOhost database , where of course all the fully readable/discoverable/searchable titles ‘live.’

For those interested in seeing a list of just these new e-books, Nick has also generated two lists, one in the library catalog itself, and one in a more ‘browse-able’ spreadsheet form. Both lists are arranged by call number.

Finally, for those who need help finding e-books in our collection, we have tutorials for that. Enjoy, Poets!

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Poetry event: Suzanne Roberts and Sholeh Wolpe, Feb 25 @ 7pm in Wardman Library

February 24th, 2014 by John Jackson

About Suzanne Roberts

Suzanne Roberts

“Suzanne Roberts’ books include the 2012 National Outdoor Book Award-winning Almost Somewhere: Twenty-Eight Days on the John Muir Trail (University of Nebraska Press, 2012), and the poetry collections Plotting Temporality (2012), Three Hours to Burn a Body: Poems on Travel(2011), Nothing to You (2008), and Shameless (2007).” More info at  http://www.suzanneroberts.org/

About Sholeh Wolpé

Sholeh Wolpe

“Sholeh Wolpé is a poet, literary translator and writer. She was born in Iran and spent most of her teen years in Trinidad and the UK before settling in the United States. Wolpé most recent awards include the 2013 Midwest Book Award and 2010 Lois Roth Persian Translation prize.” More info at http://www.sholehwolpe.com

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