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The History of Wardman Library (in 4 minutes)

January 23rd, 2014 by John Jackson

This year marks the 10th anniversary since the remodel of Wardman Library that created the Rose Hills Center for Library and Information Resources. To celebrate, we created this short video on the history of the library. The transcript is below. We are excited about the future of our library, especially our plans to create a “Digital Liberal Arts Collaboratory” for innovation with the help of a $750,000 grant from the Mellon Foundation. The new library space will be designed to provide faculty and students with the technology necessary for “collaborative and imaginative work of digital scholarship.” To learn more about the Digital Liberal Arts Center, check out the DigLAPoet website.

“Honoring the Past, Looking to the Future”

Whittier College has always valued the library as a living, breathing organism. With changes in society come changes in knowledge repositories. The history of the library as an institution at Whittier College has always been one of growth, honoring the past while progressing into the future. The Whittier College library once lived in a small redwood building. The library, like the college, began to expand in the 1930s and needed a new home. The library developed and settled into Mendenhall where it would remain until the mid 1960s. At that time it was clear that a larger library was needed. Aubrey Wardman, passionate philanthropist and college trustee, recognized the need for a space dedicated to the growing library. His support and generous contribution helped to form the future library.

In 1964, the Bonnie Bell Wardman Library was completed costing nearly $1.5 million. At the dedication of the library in June 1965, President Richard Nixon explained the importance of a growing library to Whittier College:

Thinking of a library in broader terms, I am reminded of a quotation: that a library is never made, it grows. And putting it in another context: better to inherit a library is to collect one. And those that follow will have the opportunity to make this library grow and how it grows will determine if it is to be a great library or just a good one in a great building.

In the 1990s, it was clear as it was in the Mendenhall library of the 1960s that the Bonnie Bell Wardman Library needed more space to house its growing collection and keep up with society’s rapidly changing technology. It needed to provide Whittier College, its students and faculty, with the tools necessary for a 21st century liberal arts education. The new facility was built on the original site of the Bonnie Bell Wardman Library, doubling its size. The Wardman Library was completely gutted and the ground floor, once open, was incorporated into the building’s interior space. With the generosity of the Rose Hills Foundation, the Center for Library and Information Resources was completed. This space now holds the Center for Advising and Academic Success, a video production studio, and an instructional technology space.

As we enter a new decade of a new millennium, we again look towards growing our library and its role in the intellectual and holistic education of Whittier College students. With the help of the Mellon Foundation, we are building a new digital space for discovery: a collaborative laboratory for exploring the intersection of digital technology and the liberal arts designed for students and faculty to experiment and innovate using tools the blend physical and virtual environments. We believe the library will continue to serve as the central nexus of the community, leading the way for liberal arts colleges seeking ways to integrate technology into the teaching goals of higher education, creating students best equipped to meet the demands of a global, hyper-connected society. Those who follow us will have the opportunity to make this library grow. How it grows will determine whether it is to be a great library or just a good one in a great building.

Special thanks to: Rich Cheetham for providing archival footage and images. Becky Ruud for script and additional archival images. John Jackson and Richard Nixon for narration. Sonia Chaidez for video production.

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Library Hours, January 27-30

January 22nd, 2014 by John Jackson

After J-Term finals, the library will be open during different hours. Here is our schedule for January 27-29:

Monday, Jan 27:  8:00 am to midnight

Tuesday & Wednesday, Jan 28-29:  9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Regular semester hours resume on Thursday, January 30. Good luck on your finals, Poets!

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Student Job Announcement: Student Technology Liaisons

January 16th, 2014 by John Jackson


Wardman Library seeks to hire 2 Student Technology Liaisons to support the use of digital technologies as part of Diglibarts, Whittier College’s digital liberal arts initiative. Candidates will be asked to work 8-10 hours per week during spring semester in the library.

Principle responsibilities include:

  • Work with Instructional Media Designer and Digital Scholar to support media and digital projects within Wardman Library’s new digital liberal arts center/digital commons
  • Serve as liaison to faculty who want to learn or experiment with educational technology and digital pedagogies
  • Assist in leading focus groups centered on space design that follow technology trends and emerging digital pedagogies as they relate to our campus community
  • Research, experiment and learn new technologies: LEAP motion control, LAYAR, digitizing multimedia sources, create graphics and information pieces for digital displays
  • Prioritize projects and create schedules for media student assistants who tutor on digital editing as part of course projects like digital storytelling
  • Organize content for social media sites: Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Libguides, Media Services newsletter and the project blog
  • Serve as research assistant on digital humanities and digital pedagogy projects
  • Organize and help with events and activities associated with Whittier College’s Diglibarts


  • Experience working with digital editing software: FinalCut, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, WeVideo
  • Experience in graphic design using Photoshop and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience working with blogging applications such as WordPress
  • Excellent communication and organization skills

Please send resumes to Sonia Chaidez at schaidez@whittier.edu.  Resumes must include a professional reference as well as available working hours for spring semester.

For more information, check out our blog: blogs.whittier.edu/DigLAPoet

photo credit: prasan.naik on flickr (CC by-nc-nd)

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Research Skills Workshops in JTerm

January 6th, 2014 by John Jackson

Welcome back students! We know you have a lot to do before the semester starts, but we wanted to let you know that the library will be offering six research skills workshops for students during J-Term. The schedule, topics and sign-up information is below. The workshops will be held twice on Wednesdays in the Instruction Lab on the ground floor of the library building and will last 1.5 hours.

Students can sign up for workshops using this form: http://bit.ly/wcresearch

Space is limited so sign up soon! Here is more information on each of the workshops.


Intro to Library Research

Wed., Jan. 8 @ 9:30-11:00 and 2:00-3:30

Learning objectives: (1) Students will be able to navigate the Wardman Library website: identifying where to search for academic resources and how to get additional research help. (2)  Students will be able to craft a search strategy by determining appropriate keywords based on a given research topic. (3) Students will be able to differentiate between various information sources and discuss how each would be helpful for their assignment.


Evaluating Resources

Wed., Jan 15 @ 9:30-11:00 and 2:00-3:30

Learning objectives: (1) Students will develop their own evaluation criteria and discuss credibility in the context of academic and non-academic writing. (2) Students will be able to explain peer-review and recognize peer-reviewed literature. (3) Students will be able to identify different types of information resources and evaluate each in terms of its content, format, and intended use.


Citing Your Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism

Wed., Jan 22 @ 9:30-11:00 and 2:00-3:30

Learning objectives: (1) Students will demonstrate their ability to recognize a citation and its constituent parts and use that knowledge to locate resources. (2) Students will be able to compare citation tools and resources. (3) Students will analyze instances of plagiarism and be able to explain when and why citations are necessary.


Sign up to reserve your seat today!

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