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The Perennial Parking Problem

January 8th, 2015 by John Jackson

Commencement parking

Commencement Parking, 1963

With new renovations coming to the Science center and temporary classrooms going up in the Amphitheater lot, parking on campus these days can be somewhat of a trial. Turns out, this isn’t the first time Whittier College parking culture has been challenged by new construction and new regulations.

Archivist Becky Ruud reminds us that back in 1991, the Air Quality Management District asked the college to reduce the number of vehicles on campus and create more designated spots for staff, faculty, and students. Students in 1988 probably felt a similar squeeze during the construction of Harris when the Whittier City Planning Commission allowed the college to temporarily bypass an ordinance that required one parking lot for every bed on campus. In fact, according to the Quaker Campus, parking is a perennial problem. Students voiced their concerns repeatedly in front page articles (see these issues from 200619931988, and 1983).

All that said, Whittier College has successfully navigated the limited parking trials of its past. Undoubtedly, we can make it through this one as well.

image source: Whittier College Special Collections & Archives

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Quaker Campus Feature Story

November 3rd, 2011 by libuser

The recent edition of the Quaker Campus highlights some of our spectacular staff and collections. Check out the full article about the Archives & Special Collections at Wardman Library to learn more. http://www.quakercampus.com/content/special-collection-wardman-library

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