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YOU GUYS!!! I’m in DUBLIN!! =D

I got here safely yesterday at about 10am (Dublin time of course) and basically spent the time setting up my pretty little apartment-type room. Dublin is a neat little city–on a smaller scale than even Copenhagen, though, which was kind of surprising to me. I suppose it’s natural, as it’s a small-ish country. Everything is pretty easy to walk to, since we in the Ancient Ireland class are staying on the edge of the central area of the city.

Today, basically, we saw  the Irish National Museum, in a beautiful 19th century building housing what we are focusing on for this class called Ancient Ireland—a bunch of Bronze Age and Iron Age Irish artifacts–including some ridiuclously gigantic necklaces, earrings, and what are effectively cloak clasps that could kill you if you put them on too quickly. I could go on and on about the amazing things… and unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures…

But you know, wandering around the streets is free, and camera and tourist friendly…

Behold some pictures of Dublin:

This is the page where I’ll be keeping all my pictures–it’s just easier that way, since I’m a camera fiend, and I’m keeping touch with the entire world via internet at the moment…

And since I lived in Denmark last semester, I’m really not that cold, at all. I don’t even really need my huge heavy jacket that looks like a blanket.

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